10+ Minimal WordPress Themes for Your Next Project

Minimalism in web design stands for clean shapes, open spaces, simple colors and functionality and the rejection of lavish decorations and transition effects. The main focus of minimalism is the content itself and this makes minimalistic web design the perfect choice for any photographer or creative who is looking for a new website template for their work because what could possibly be more important in a photography portfolio than the photography itself?

To save you time and effort we have compiled our favorite 12 minimalistic, clean and professional WordPress photography themes to help you find your perfect portfolio.

1. Watson

Yes, Watson is our theme but it is included in this list for a reason! Watson photography theme is a clean and minimalistic portfolio theme with a creative, open style portfolio and filters. This portfolio will let your users browse your work either by seamlessly scrolling trough all of your photos or by quickly navigating trough specific portfolio categories. Watson also comes with a large ken-burns slider in the portfolio and regular pages.

2. Vinero

Vinero is an elegant and simple WordPress theme originally made for agencies but designed in such a way that would work for photographers and other creatives who are looking for a simple and clean theme to showcase their work. Vinero has everything you would need – a simple, filterable portfolio, blog, contact and about page, plus it is retina ready and very responsive.

3. Uno

Uno is a photography theme that comes in both dark and light color schemes. The light theme version is an example of a perfect minimal design. This theme will take your photography and make it the center of attention. Both portfolio and its galleries have multiple layouts available from horizontal to masonry and grid.

4. Magpie

Magpie photography is a clean, fast loading, horizontally scrolling theme with four gallery types – horizontal, masonry, vertical and case study. This theme comes with semi-transparent side navigation area with beautifully grouped menu items, services page, and a password protected client area.

5. Nakamura

Nakamura is an ultra-minimalistic WordPress theme for photographers. Vertical, filterable portfolio opens up in a single column layout with an option to add a description for each gallery. Nakamura theme comes with beautiful, simple typography and elegant page designs. A theme that will make your photography stand out.

6. Keen

Keen is a theme that will suit any modern fashion, product, architecture or event photographer who is looking for a design that will embrace their work and make it the focal point of the site. Keen comes with a fullscreen slider, simple and clean portfolio that consists of albums that open up is multiple column galleries.

7. Kalium

Originally Kalium is a multi-purpose theme but since you are looking for a minimalist design, check out Remi Photography demo. It is a clean, open style portfolio design with filterable images, modern menu and a large greeting text at the top of the portfolio page. A powerful theme made simple and beautiful.

8. Luka

One of our own designs – Luka is a glamorous, romantic yet simple photography theme with a minimal, beautifully refined design. Luka is filled with subtle, delicate accents such as premium typography, lots of white space and floral graphics in the background. Portfolio albums open up in horizontally scrolling pages, there are two blog layouts to choose from as well as services and testimonials pages.

9. Hover

Hover is a minimal portfolio WordPress theme that would suit very well for photography students and amateurs. It has a very simple and clean design that lets your work take the center stage. The theme is easy to navigate, supports creative portfolio and single gallery layouts and comes with all the essentials such as an elegant blog and contact page.

10. Bow

Bow is another open type portfolio theme with three home page variations – image background, video background and content slider. Bow has a modern, pop-up menu navigation, filterable portfolio, an interesting blog page and a styled contact page with an option to upload a custom background image.

11. Emily

Emily is a clean, simple and elegant WordPress theme for photographers. It features a grid style portfolio page that can open up galleries in masonry or horizontal layouts with an option to add descriptions. The menu is located on the left side of the screen freeing up the rest of the screen for your content. This theme also comes with custom typography that can be changed, a password protected client area and a services page.

12. Borano

Borano theme comes in both light and dark theme versions, it has multiple portfolio and gallery layouts that range from fullscreen masonry to cropped grid, portrait and landscape views, as well as horizontal fullscreen layout. Borano supports videos, has filters in the portfolio area and comes with easy to use font and color changer.


Whether you’re an amateur photographer or a professional with many years of experience, you need a portfolio theme that makes your work the center of attention rather than a design that competes with it. Minimalist photography themes are a great and effective way to just that. A simple portfolio design will work like a blank wall that is brought to live by every image you add.

We hope that you will find your perfect minimalist portfolio theme in this list above. Which one was your favorite design?


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