1. Im having problems in exporting my logo because my photoshop doesnt have any “export as” button, is there any remedy for it?

    1. Hi Jelo,
      Which photoshop version are you using? If you have an older Photoshop version, then try going to File > Export > Save for Web…

  2. I’m having issues resizing the image of the Flash it continues to stay huge or awkwardly shaped as I try to resize it.
    I chose the Flash logo.
    Any tips on how to resize?

    1. Hi Damian,

      Sorry to hear that you’re having trouble. I’m afraid that it’s all trial and error when it comes to resizing, so I can’t really suggest anything without seeing what you’re doing and how it ends up looking. I do offer basic logo customization services for a price if it’s something you might be interested in. If you’re up to it, send me a message through my portfolio website here.

  3. Wow, Wow, Wow! You have really saved me. You guys are AWESOME. Thank you so much.

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