1. Just bought your Kameron theme yesterday and am going to re-design my site this weekend and while doing some research I stumbled across your blog. Love that you guys give away free logo designs, but for this particular post logo #5 (Handwritten Logo) is gorgeous but when I open the .psd in PS CC, the fonts are missing and Adobe prompts me to resolve it using typekit, but nothing ever matches up. I’m curious what the font is (and if i need to purchase it) so I can customize the logo.

    Thanks for the awesome resources and hopefully I can get the theme installed and customize it without any hiccups.

    -Rebecca Britt

    1. Hi Rebecca,

      So glad you like our work!

      Each logo you download from our blog comes in a .zip file. When you unzip it, you get .PSD files and a “readme.txt” document. Open that text document and you will find links to fonts used in that particular logo. All fonts we used are free, so you won’t have to buy anything!

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