Why We’re Raising Prices for Our Portfolio Themes

Some of you might have noticed that we have been experimenting with our theme pricing for the last couple of months. Behind these experiments, there have been lots of discussions, research, thoughts, fears and finally clarity and a path that we need to follow.

In this post, we would like to share with you the reasoning behind our theme price increase because we feel that we need to be honest and truthful with our customers.

Why are we raising prices?

Since we’re selling our photography themes on ThemeForest, up until late last year authors weren’t able to influence the pricing of their themes at all. The marketplace had a fixed $59 price tag on all portfolio themes. It didn’t matter if the theme had 3 portfolio layouts or 1, if it had custom features, like client area, services page or not. Every theme author would get the same price tag for their product.

Now that that has changed and authors can set their own prices, suddenly there was a choice we had to make – go for quality or quantity.

We chose quality.

Let me elaborate – we always were going for quality, that’s nothing new. We have always made themes that we would love to use ourselves. We created features that people need and love. It never mattered to us that even though we spend much more time on design and development of our themes, we would get the same price for what we made.

But now that we have more than 10 premium photography themes, we hit the ceiling! Every theme needs to be maintained, updated, supported and this takes time and time is money. We simply don’t have enough resources to innovate anymore.

After long discussions, we came to the conclusion that in order to maintain our theme quality we need to increase the pricing.

So currently we’re taking steps to move from $75 to $95 one theme at a time.

Do people get the same thing but for a higher price now?

No, definitely not.

We’re not just changing the price tag for our products and leaving them as is. There’s a whole process behind it and every theme goes through it one at the time.

Each theme that goes from $75 to $95 gets a full checkup and feature updates.

  • bugs get fixed,
  • the old theme portfolio management system gets completely replaced with a new one – Easy Photography Portfolio Plugin,
  •  responsive layouts get updated and perfected,
  • the theme gets optimized for loading speed,
  • the theme gets re-licensed to GPLv3 – the standard WordPress license.

After that’s all done, we send out the updated theme version and if everything works and there are no complaints, we raise the price in order to reflect its quality.

You’re just greedy.

You might think that we’re driven by greed, but that’s not true. If we really would want to earn more, we would go for quantity. We would dramatically lower our prices in order to attract as many people as we can. We would offer the cheapest themes in the marketplace and drive out our competition.

We’re raising our prices because we want fewer customers. ( Yes, you read that correctly.)

Fewer sales equal fewer customers who need support. And less support means more attention to our existing customers and more time to innovate and perfect our themes for those who make a conscious decision to buy from us even though they would have saved money by choosing a theme from someone else.

What’s next?

Currently, we’re working on updating and fixing all our themes. When that’s done, we’ll move to step 2.

It’s very likely that step 2 will come with another price increase – currently, we estimate that it could reach $125 and this would involve aesthetic changes to our themes.

There’s still a lot of planning to do, lots of concerns and fears, but we truly believe that we need to do what feels right in order to stay true to our beliefs and make sure they align with our core values.

We understand that not everyone will agree with the price increase, but we’re sharing this because we respect you and want you to know the reasoning behind our decisions.

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