Photojournalism Theme


Say hello to Eugene – a portfolio for photojournalists and storytellers. Eugene is made for photographers who need the ability to add generous amounts of text alongside their images.

Eugene - Responsive Photojournalism WordPress theme

Premium WordPress Photography theme called Eugene

Photojournalism & Storytelling WordPress Theme

Eugene portfolio theme has a nostalgic journal, document design feeling, meant to remind you of the times when portfolios were printed not digital. Filled with little accents, like typewriter font faces, warm, paperlike colors, and layouts that remind you of retro media, Eugine has a soul of its own. Add your stories to this theme and complete the look.

Eugene is portfolio is made with the most recent web development practices, meaning that it’s fully responsive (fits on any screen size), fast and user-friendly.

Eugene Photography - a portfolio theme for photojournalists
Eugene Photography - Blog page example