1. hello! thanks for your great tutorial. I do have a few questions, firstly there is no option to save in the export tab, i tried saving it thru web tab and when i saved it and tested it, the file seems to be on low resolution. maybe you can help me to make it high resolution. thanks

    1. Hi Jonn,

      So you’re having trouble with “4. Save and export” step 2? Which Photoshop version are you using?

    1. Hi Lisa,
      Make sure you set tracking to 0. You can find it in the Character panel (Window > Character), it has a “VA” icon next to it.

  2. Nice tutorial but I’m fine with difficult to save and export. I’m using phoshop C6. Thank you


    I have been wanting to create my own signature for weeks now, even been trying hand written, but nothing seemed to work.
    This tutorial is a godsend

    Please send and post more tutorials like this

  4. Awesome, thank you for this great tutorial, can I ask now thought…hopefully not a dumbo question but…how do I bring it into Lightroom??

  5. Great tutorial shared by you! It’s a very interesting topic for me because I try to create a logo for my website, but not able to create a logo. So it’s very helpful for me thanks for sharing!

  6. This is sooo good thanks alot.
    But when i save it and i open it, the background is kind of dark although i worked on white background all the way.
    So how can I have it on light background and how do i copy it on a photo?

    1. Hi Dalia,
      Glad you found it useful! Did you save your logo as a .png image? If so, your background might look dark because there’s actually to background at all and that’s a good thing!

      You can use Lightroom to add your logo to images or you can simply open your image in Photoshop and go to File > Place Embeded.. and choose your logo image.

  7. Thanks so much for an excellent tutorial – it is very clear and concise to follow the instruction. I spent the hours and days to find how to create my logo in white for the photographs… yay!

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