Freebie Friday #3 – Photography Logos

Our third free photography logo pack is here as part of our “Five Freebie Friday” project. The goal of this project is to design and publish 100 free photography logo templates that you can use for your personal brand. So you may use any of these logos on your personal website, on your business cards, social

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Photection – a WordPress plugin to protect your images

Image protection and copyrights are a rather sensitive topic for photographers. Nobody wants their images to be stolen, especially when that’s how you make a living. In a perfect world we wouldn’t even have to talk about this, unfortunately that’s not the case. So lets start with the obvious, Image protection is an illusion The

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Freebie Friday #1 – Our Free Logo Project

Not everyone has the extra cash to spend on a graphic designer who can create a nice looking custom logo. So we decided to start a series of free Logo templates for Photographers! Launching Freebie Friday We decided to help you out a bit and came up with a little project called “Freebie Friday”. The goal of

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Image SEO might be bad for you

I’ve seen quite a few new photographers worried about their presence in Google image search. You might be thinking “surely more traffic to my site equals more clients to me as a professional [your speciality here] photographer“. I’m afraid that’s not the case, unless you’re a stock photographer, or you sell still life prints on your

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There is no such thing as unlimited

Every time I see a reputable site recommend a “bad hosting provider” to their visitors, I want to tear my hair out and write a dozen angry letters. The sad part is that most sites recommend these few hosting providers, that real people should actually stay away from. And the more a “brand” is recommended, the

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Best image size for your Portfolio

Getting the image size right for your portfolio is easy if you know just a few basic principles. Of course, there is no perfect in anything, but I hope this article will help you figure out the best image size for you.

Why choose WordPress for your photography website

You have come to the conclusion that it’s time for you to have a proper online presence. You need to attract new clients, show the world your work and make yourself accessible. It’s time to start building your personal website.