Father’s Day is just around the corner, and what better way to surprise Dad than by transforming his bathroom into a relaxing retreat?

Whether he enjoys a long soak in the tub or a quick shower before starting his day, these DIY bathroom décor projects are sure to make his space feel more personalized and cozy.

Here are some creative ideas to get you started. Let’s go!

Customized Towel Rack


  • Wooden board
  • Hooks or pegs
  • Paint or wood stain
  • Stencils and paintbrushes


  1. Sand down the wooden board to smooth out any rough edges.
  2. Stain or paint the board in a color that complements the bathroom décor.
  3. Use stencils to add Dad’s initials or a fun design.
  4. Attach hooks or pegs to the board.
  5. Mount the rack on the wall and hang some plush, new towels.
Towel Rack
Towel Rack for bathroom

Personalized Soap Dispenser


  • Glass or plastic soap dispenser
  • Acrylic paint or paint markers
  • Painter’s tape


  1. Clean and dry the soap dispenser.
  2. Use painter’s tape to create a design or write a message for Dad.
  3. Paint over the dispenser and let it dry completely.
  4. Remove the tape to reveal the design.
  5. Fill with Dad’s favorite soap.
Our eclectic basement bathroom
byu/keevenowski inHomeDecorating

Bathroom Shelf Organizer


  • Wooden crates or small shelves
  • Paint or wood stain
  • Screws and wall anchors
  • Decorative jars and baskets


  1. Paint or stain the crates or shelves in a color that matches the bathroom.
  2. Mount them on the wall using screws and wall anchors.
  3. Use decorative jars to store items like cotton balls, Q-tips, and razors.
  4. Arrange baskets for larger items such as towels or toiletries.
Bathroom shelf
Bathroom shelf with toiletries

Mason Jar Storage


  • Mason jars
  • Hose clamps
  • Wooden board
  • Screws
  • Paint or stain


  1. Paint or stain the wooden board and let it dry.
  2. Attach hose clamps to the board using screws.
  3. Secure Mason jars inside the hose clamps.
  4. Mount the board on the wall.
  5. Fill the jars with bathroom essentials like toothbrushes, toothpaste, and shaving cream.

Customized Bath Mat


  • Plain bath mat
  • Fabric paint or dye
  • Stencils
  • Paintbrushes


  1. Lay the bath mat on a flat surface.
  2. Place stencils on the mat to create a design or spell out a message.
  3. Use fabric paint or dye to fill in the stencils.
  4. Allow the mat to dry completely before placing it in the bathroom.

Spa-Inspired Candle Holder


  • Wooden board
  • Tea light candles
  • Drill with a spade bit
  • Sandpaper
  • Paint or stain


  1. Sand the wooden board to remove any rough edges.
  2. Drill evenly spaced holes along the board for the tea light candles.
  3. Paint or stain the board in a color that matches the bathroom.
  4. Insert tea light candles into the holes.
  5. Place the candle holder on the bathroom counter for a spa-like atmosphere.
Aromatic candles for bathroom
Aromatic candles for the bathroom

Relaxing Bath Caddy


  • Wooden board
  • Handles or grips
  • Paint or stain
  • Sandpaper


  1. Measure the width of the bathtub to ensure a perfect fit for the caddy.
  2. Sand down the wooden board to smooth out any rough edges.
  3. Stain or paint the board.
  4. Attach handles or grips to each end for easy lifting.
  5. Place the caddy across the bathtub to hold a book, glass of wine, or other bath essentials.

Final Touches

After completing your DIY projects, adding a few finishing touches can elevate Dad’s bathroom from functional to fabulous. These small additions can make a significant impact, ensuring the space feels luxurious and personalized.

Here are some ideas to enhance Dad’s bathroom retreat:

Fluffy Towels and BathrobesInvest in high-quality, plush towels and a cozy bathrobe.Choose soft, absorbent towels in complementary colors.
Aromatic Candles and Essential OilsUse candles and essential oils to create a spa-like ambiance.Select scents like lavender, eucalyptus, or citrus. Place candles and diffusers strategically.
Bath Products and AccessoriesUpgrade to high-quality shampoos, conditioners, body washes, and shaving creams.Organize products in stylish containers or baskets.
Plants and GreeneryAdd low-maintenance plants that thrive in humid environments to bring a sense of tranquility.Choose plants like ferns, spider plants, or peace lilies. Place on shelves or windowsills.
Artwork and Personal PhotosIncorporate artwork or personal photos to personalize the space.Frame and hang prints or photos that resonate with Dad’s interests.
High-Quality Bath Mats and RugsUse soft, high-quality bath mats and rugs to enhance comfort.Choose mats with non-slip backing and coordinate colors with the décor.
Mirrors and LightingUpgrade lighting fixtures and consider backlit mirrors for better illumination and aesthetics.Install modern, stylish lighting fixtures and mirrors.
Storage SolutionsKeep the bathroom organized with practical storage solutions like baskets, bins, and trays.Use floating shelves or wall-mounted units to save floor space.
Tips for Creating the Perfect Atmosphere
Bathroom decor
Decor your bathroom as you like it


  • Tailor the bathroom elements to Dad’s tastes and preferences.
  • Ensure the space is clutter-free and well-organized for a serene environment.
  • Focus on comfort with plush textiles and soothing scents.
  • Enhance visual appeal with cohesive colors, stylish fixtures, and personal touches.
  • This Father’s Day, show Dad how much you care by giving him a personalized, cozy, and functional bathroom retreat.
  • These DIY projects are not only thoughtful but also practical, ensuring that he will enjoy his new space for years to come. Happy crafting, and happy Father’s Day!
Bathroom decor ideas

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