Try something different this summer. What if you could bring the beach to your house?

Check out these fascinating coastal decor ideas to transform your home into a seaside retreat.

Color Scheme for Coastal Decor

White and blue color scheme for coastal area

Colors for a Tranquil Escape

If you’re considering decorating your house with a coastal theme, then color plays a major role.

Go for colors like light blues and aqua tones; these cool hues capture the essence of the sea and create a peaceful atmosphere.

Pair this cool blue tone with white, which shows the vastness of the sea and adds a sense of cleanliness.

Lastly, warm shades like sandy beige and tan complete this coastal color scheme.

Coastal Wall Patterns

Decorate Your Wall with Sea Vibes

For walls, pick cool shades of blue and pair them with white. Don’t go for complicated wall patterns, as the wall patterns should be relaxing rather than anxiety-inducing.

A simple wall gradient of white and blue will create a great accent wall.

Bedding Ideas for Beach Decor

bedroom giving coastal vibes

Beach-Themed Bedding Ideas

To decorate your room with coastal vibes, add a striped blue and white bedsheet and pair it with some throw pillows patterned with white and blue elements.

The wooden floor and door complete the look by adding their warm tones, resembling sea sand.

Nautical Decorative Statements

Nautical bedroom

Nautical Accents for Your Home

If you’re a nautical lover, you’ll love this simple decor.

You can easily hang a wooden helm and add a miniature boat as a showpiece wherever you like in your room.

Coastal Shelf Decor

seashell and coral shelf decor

Seashell and Coral Decor

Drawers or shelves are the best places to keep showpieces to create a focal point. For coastal decor, you can place seashells and coral on the shelf.

Seashells come in different shapes, colors, and sizes. You can keep different ones on the surface to create visual appeal.

These shells can also be functional; you can place candles in large seashells.

Decorative blue bottles

Nautical decor

Sea Glass Bottles

If you want to add vintage charm to your coastal decor, these sea glass bottles will make a beautiful piece of decoration.

You can place flowers in them or fill them with pebbles or shells and place them anywhere. They look good in places like bedrooms, living rooms, and even bathrooms.

DIY Rope Wreath

DIY starfish rish for wall hanging

DIY Rope & Starfish Wreath

If you’re good at DIYs, you can easily make this jute rope wreath. This wreath serves as a perfect nautical element in your coastal decor.

The different textures present in the wreath are fascinating. You can add your touch to this handmade showpiece.

DIY Epoxy Raisin Coastal Decor

Coastal Raisin Painting

These resin decorations are stunning and captivating. They’re easy to make and look luxurious, so you can create them yourself.

With these decorations, you can craft beautiful blue and white trays, wall hangings, or even simple showpieces to place on a shelf.

DIY Seashell Wind Chime

Handmade seashell wind chimes

Make Your Own Seashell Wind Chime

Another beautiful yet simple coastal DIY is this seashell wind chime.

All you have to do is find some seashells, paint them, and hang them on strings. You can place them anywhere.

Coastal Living Room

coastal living room

Decorate Your Living Room with Coastal Vibes

Add rattan or jute sofas and a table to give your living room some coastal vibes. Add different textures to your decor, like throw pillows.

Furthermore, an accent wall should be created in shades of blue and white.

If you already have shelves, you can place some sea glass vases in them. Introduce a cool-tone floor rug, and your living room will look chic.

Rattan Furniture

cane coastal furniture

Furnitures that Match Coastal Vibes

Rattan furniture is a natural fit for coastal decor. Since it’s derived from trees, it adds a natural element to your decor.

Moreover, rattan has a texture that creates a beautiful pattern on your furniture.

You can combine this furniture with seagrass rugs and driftwood accents to craft a comfortable and inviting space that truly captures the essence of coastal living.

Refreshing Coastal Bathroom

coastal bathroom decor

Decorate Your Bathroom with Coastal Elements

You can also decorate your bathroom with plants and various nautical elements like sea glass bottles, large seashells, and more.

If your bathroom already has a neutral shade like white, all you need to do is add some blue textures, such as blue rugs or blue sea glass bottles.

Tips for Coastal Decor for Summer

Summer Coastal Decor Tips

  • Don’t overwhelm your space by adding too many decorative items. Keep the place light and airy. The cool coastal tones of blue will complement the relaxing effect.
  • If you like bright colors, you can add vibrant hues like turquoise, bright coral, or seafoam green instead of sky blue for different textures in your rooms.

Top Decor Trends for 2024

indoor outdoor living space

Summer 2024 Decor Trend

If you want to decorate your home with something other than coastal decor this summer, there are plenty of new summer decor trends and ideas.

Here’s a detailed guide on decor trends for summer 2024.

Dopamine-Boosting Decor Trend

Vibrant room with yellow and orange color

Vibrant Summer Decor Ideas

If you want to fill your space with happiness and joy, check out these dopamine-boosting decor trends that will instantly lift your mood!

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