23 great Graphic Designer portfolio examples for inspiration

If you’re a freelance graphic designer, illustrator, brand designer, logo designer, or any other digital designer you must be here because you need a proper portfolio website to showcase your work and get your dream clients. But how should a proper design portfolio look?

There are so many layouts, color schemes, styles to choose from that it can get really overwhelming really fast.

Often looking at other graphic designer portfolio websites can be helpful when deciding on how you want your own portfolio website to look.

By looking at graphic design portfolio websites created by other fellow creatives, you can better understand what works and what doesn’t work for you. You can take note of how other designers choose to showcase their work. How they arrange important information and what should be included in a good portfolio website.

So let yourself get inspired by out pick of 20 great illustrator, creator, and graphic design portfolio websites!

1. Stacey Uy

Graphic design and illustration portfolio with a shop and blog page.
Stacey Uy personal portfolio website – click on the image to visit website

2. Dominic Flask

Clean and minimal brand and product illustration portfolio website example.
Brand and product illustration portfolio example

3. Tim Householter

Simple and elegant portfolio website example.
Tim Householter’s portfolio website

4. Jamie Bartlett

An example of a well made graphic designer portfolio website by Jamie Bartlett Designs.
Jamie Bartlett’s graphic design portfolio

5. Ilana Griffo

An example of a good illustrator and designer portfolio website.
Illustrator and graphic designer portfolio website

6. Kelly Romanaldi

Clean portfolio website example with side navigation and multi language option.
Kelly’s freelance graphic design portfolio

7. Alex Coven

Award winning portfolio website design example.
Graphic design, developer, and lettering portfolio website

8. Ismael Barry

Product designer personal portfolio website example.
Product design portfolio example

9. Brave the Woods

Colorful and fun illustration portfolio website example.
Husband and wide design and illustration studio

10 Melanie Da Veid

Bold and bright portfolio website example for inspiration.
UX designer and art direction portfolio example

11. Jon Brommet

Simple and functional graphic design portfolio example with large images.
Jon Brommet’s portfolio website

12. Lotta Nieminen Studio

An example of a very elegant and feminine graphic design and illustration portfolio website.
Feminine and delicate graphic design portfolio example

13. Adam Sandoval

Bright and bold graphic design and illustration portfolio example with full screen images.
Bright and bold portfolio example

14. Frederique Matti

An example of a dark freelance portfolio website.
Dark portfolio website example

15. Tiffany Wu

Clean and simple portfolio website example with lots of white space.
Clean and minimalist portfolio example

16. Alice Lee

Alice Lee's illustration portfolio website with a clean website navigation.
Alice Lee’s illustration portfolio website

17. Sören Selleslagh

Illustration and animation portfolio with a gray background color.
Illustration and animation portfolio website example

18. Steve Wolf Designs

Fullscreen graphic designer portfolio example.
Fullscreen graphic design and branding portfolio

19. Good Form Design

Colorful, retro inspired graphic design portfolio example.
Colorful portfolio example

20. Neil Spurgeon

Minimalist, right aligned product design portfolio example.
Minimalist and clean product designer portfolio example.

21. Chelsea Rodomista

Three column grid based portfolio layout example.
Three column grid portfolio example with a welcome page

22. The Digital Artisans

Elegant and delicate portfolio website example.
Masonry style two column portfolio example

23. Zach Roszczewski

Simple and functionals graphic design portfolio.
Clan and functional portfolio example

What we learned from these graphic designer portfolio examples

After looking at all these beautiful graphic designer portfolio websites, we quickly spotted some similarities that most of these portfolio examples have.

Great graphic design portfolio websites have: 

  • their best work front and center
  • clean and simple design with focus on portfolio work
  • a clear introduction telling the visitors who the owner is and what he/she does
  • an esily reachable contact page
  • links to other social media (Instagram, Dribbble, Facebook)

We also noticed that the more successful the designer, the cleaner and simpler their portfolio website looks.

This can be a hard pill to swallow for most beginner graphic designers since they tend to try and make their website look “personal” and “purple because that’s my favorite color”. But the goal of a good portfolio website is to make it look professional and easy to use for your potential clients without distracting them from the most important part – your work and contact info.

We hope that these examples gave you some great ideas for your own graphic design portfolio.

Which portfolio did you like best? Do you have any other great graphic design portfolio examples? Share them in the comments – we would love to see!

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